MB LNG Import Terminal

The Maurice Bonnefil LNG Import Terminal is located 14 kilometers north of Port-au-Prince in latitude 18°40'40.55"N and longitude 72°19'12.93"W. It will be a complex over 1,000,000 m2, including the landfill to place the storage and regasification phases in the sea. MB LNG Terminal is a complex project including:

The MB Terminal is a Small LNG Terminal with an initial gross storage capacity of 15,000 m3 (net 13,500 m3) of LNG, the maximum regasification capacity will be 39.4 mmscfd. The storage design is based on large Vacuum Insulated Pressure Vessels (VIPV) rated at 5 bar_g (75 psi) pressure. 

The terminal jetty facilitates receiving ships of 10,000 m3 – 60,000 m3.

On the initial design, the project will be able to serve:

  • 40 MW on-site Clean Power generation
  • 82,000 expandable to 160,000 end-users through the P-a-P pipeline, including home, commerce and industry
  • 7 expandable to 15 satellites locations, via LNG trailers, with ensuing pipelines for 10,000 to 20,000 end-customers each
Prime Minister Lamothe cuts the opening ribbon. Next to him Reynold Bonnefil, President of Haytrac Power & Gaz, S. A.
Jetty works at the end of August 2013.