Small LNG Solutions
We Deliver LNG
Kanfer Shipping + GasEner = We Deliver LNG
The Norwegian company Kanfer Shipping ( has come up with a unique solution for distribution, floating storage and regasification of LNG that makes it highly cost competitive, far less complicated and time-to-market can be reduced drastically. 

Your 20 MW to 400 MW now have a economical, fast and efficient solution to change to environmentally friendly natural gas. 

We can do nothing about the LNG prices,
but we can have a huge impact on the infrastructure cost

LNG for the Caribbean is here
Kanfer Shipping and GasEner signed a cooperation  Agreement that brings the cutting-edge technology of the small Floating Storage & Regasification Unit (FSRU) to the Caribbean.

It means:
  • Zero or very low CAPEX
  • Zero or very low "sunken cost"
  • Ready to deliver in 18 month
  • No long-term commitment

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